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35 years of experience in acquisition/Recording system industry, etep is the leader in the field of signal acquisition in harsh environment. Founded in 1979, etep provide acquisition and recording systems for aerospace industry or military purpose.

The desire to constantly redefine the boundaries of ours recorders and to create technology with real-world relevance is at the heart of every etep card. Compact recorders or universal systems with a full range of cards designed to meet all your various needs. Our highly professional software allows the presentation, in real time of information: whether it is synthetic or natural. They bring a help increasingly more powerful to the monitoring and the decision to the operators subjected to difficult experimental constraints.

Two great lines of products make it possible to satisfy all your needs : Acquisition frontals : universal acquisition systems with integrated computer and flat panel Recorders of instrumentation or mission: compact box, generally easily transportable or embarked, embedded systems. his products are based on DTMUX technology. These products try to answer simple and fundamental criteria with the best performances: Seek the most evolved and miniaturized electronic components. Implementation of the most universal operating system. Connections to open standards of the multi-media world. Etep aims to make "measurement" an open and powerful discipline, thanks to tools effective and simple to implement.