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Airborne Recorders &

Data Acquisition Systems

Designed for harsh environment

Airborne Systems

Company overview

Founded in 1979, with 45 years of experience in acquisition/recording system industry, ETEP is the leader in the field of signal acquisition in harsh environment and  provide acquisition and recording system solution.

ETEP designs, develops and manufactures data acquisition and recording systems for instrumentation, transmission and military or non-military reconnaissance applications. A distinction is made between the areas of application AIRBORNE (= ultra-robust & compact) and GROUND:

For AIRBORNE Application, various range of product exist like DTMUX NANO, DTMUX NANOX, DTMUX COD-R, DTMUX Sentinel: Modular, independently operating data acquisition systems with integrated logging and telemetry capability. These are Versatile / mission recorder with encryption and self-destruct mechanism for a variety of signals and applications. Crash Recorder like DTMUX sentinel is also available.

For GROUND operation, ETEP have developed Acquisition stations for telemetry data (real time and post-processing).

ETEP is economically and legally independent: all relevant decisions such as product change measures, new designs, etc. can be implemented quickly.

ETEP have In-house development and production, including test lab. ETEP is certified AS/EN9100:2018 &  ISO 9001 v2015.

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Brief History

1980: ETEP start the production of portable devices for acquisition/Recording equipment for the purpose of Medical physiological study. After ETEP product embedded acoustic acquisition/Recording equipment for the purpose of navy placed in submerged buoy (Sonar purpose).

1990: ETEP start production of numerous recorder for S

nar and radar purpose to be embedded in military

boat and submarine. First robust recorder are placed inside torpedo for test purpose. ETEP Start production of embedded Recorder for flight test purpose for French flight test center.

2000: ETEP start development of Mission Airborne data recorders for fighter . ETEP continue the development of product line in flight test acquisition systems and recording systems and exports its products around the world.

2005: ETEP is certified ISO 9001.

2008: ETEP launch new product, the Crash recorder DTMUX Sentinel. This line of product is in perpetual evolution to fit to new customer requirement or standard evolution.

2018: ETEP designed and commercialize complete new product flexible and modular, with very large possibility of data acquisition signal, the DTMUX NANOX.

2020: ETEP installed is own complete lab test with climatic chamber and vibrating pot in their premises.

2023: ETEP is certified AS/EN9100 v2018.

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