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D.T.MUX Sentinel ED155

Integrated Flight Data Recorder System for ED-155 crash protection standard Requirement. Data audio and image or video in a single lightweight recorder.

D.T.MUX Sentinel ED155


Low cost, integrated Flight Data Recorder (FDR) System for ED-155  standard  Requirement. Data audio (CVR) and airborne image recorder  (AIR) in a single lightweight recorder, with quick access to data via  ethernet port on the front.

New-Generation Miniature Flight Data Recorder System for ED-155 Needs

Recorder system, is integrated in a single box  comprised of an Integrated Data Acquisition Unit, an Integrated Crash  Survival Memory Unit (CSM), an internal or external Cockpit Area  Microphone (CAM), Image Recording System Interfaces, a Data Link  Recording System Interface and a Ethernet Maintenance connection.

When you don't have data bus or you don't have all parameters with  it, this Sentinel unit proposes in option an autonomous AHRS system  (attitude heading reference system), who is consists of sensors on three  axes that provide heading, attitude and yaw information for aircraft  and this system can be coupled to the GPS data.

A removable storage can be also implemented to facilitate the Flight Data Analysis

Typical Applications

  • Investigation of an occurrence (accident or incident).

  • Can be used for flight training.

  • Can be used for flight data monitoring.

  • Reduced insurance premiums, etc...

Technical Specifications

4x Audio channels (WAV file format uncompressed)

  • One channel for cockpit area microphone (not supplied)

  • Four channels for intercom audio

1 or 2x Video channel(s) (MPEG 4) (Cockpit Displays)

  • 4 Frames/Sec

  • AIRS Class C compliant

Internal Sensors (Option): If Avionic Data Bus is not  available or you want complete information you can choose this Option to  maximize data about the flight.

  • 3 Axis gyro

  • 3 Axis G sensor

  • Air pressure sensor

  • Internal area microphone

Aircraft Data and Data Link

  • The most recent 25 hours of data is recorded

  • The most recent 2 hours recorded of data link

Global Positioning System GPS

  • One GPS input

Supply Voltage

  • 28v DC Nominal

Physical Dimension

  • Height: 3.94 inches, 100 mm

  • Width: 5 inches, 127 mm

  • Depth: 6.5 inches, 166 mm

  • Weight: About 7.7lbs 3.5Kg

  • Volume: 1,6 liters

  • Mounting: ARINC 404A Standard

Crash protected memory (CPM)

  • 32 Gbytes Solid state disk

  • 64 Gbytes Solid state disk

  • 128 Gbytes Solid state disk

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