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Digital Video Recorder/Replay unit, design for airborne application. Support multi-channels Full HD 1080p / Ultra HD 4K with H.264/H.265 compression for the best video quality. DZUS-mounting, Up to 2TB


D.T.MUX DVR [Digital Video Recorder] has been designed for airborne  video surveillance and search and rescue needs or video recording needs  in airborne condition. Airborne digital video recorder,Ultra HD 4K or Full HD 1080p, H.264/H.265 compression.

This unit permits to record and replay two HD/UHD channel in same time or record one to four HD/UHD 4K video channels with post replay.

The unit offers two ways to remove the video data, either directly with  the removable memory cartridge SSD or by connecting a USB stick or SD-Card. The  recorded data are directly readable on any computer:

Unit Advantage
  • Until Ultra HD (4K) or Full HD 1080p Video recording capacity and playback

  • Lightweight video mission recorder (Increases available space in the aircraft)

  • Record and playback in same time capacity

  • Quick access recorder (QAR) with removable solid state storage

  • USB or SD-Card slot to download directly video on USB stick/SD-Card

  • User front panel NVG compatibility

  • Remote control/Download data via Ethernet

  • HD-SDI Inputs/Output or Others

  • Compatible with lower resolution

  • Capacity to playback frame by frame

  • More than 20 hours of video recording capacity

  • H.264 or H.265 Compression available

  • DZUS mount ease Racking

  • For airborne video recording needs

  • For Police (Traffic surveillance...)

  • For coast guard (Search and rescue, Maritime traffic Surveillance...)

  • For Military airborne surveillance

  • Any mission of Reconnaissance/Surveillance (Fixed Wing, Helicopter)

Technical Specifications

General Dimensions

  • Height: 3.4 inches, 85.6 mm

  • Width: 5.7 inches, 146 mm

  • Depth: 7.3 inches, 186 mm

  • Weight: 4.4lbs, 2 Kg

Power supply

  • 28Volts DC (16 to 36V)

  • Compliant with MIL STD704 D/E standard

  • Consumption: about 30 to 60 Watts maximum (Depend of configuration)


  • DZUS installation following MIL-STD-MS25212 or Support plate

Linked Modules

Data Bus/Video acquisition

Analog sensors conditioning

Main Modules


Titre 2

Titre 6



Assistance 24/​24, 7/​7


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D.T.MUX VSplit
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