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NanoX, most advanced high speed (1Gbps) Acquisition/Recording/Replay/transmitting system for airborne application, in an ultra-compact and ultra-flexible design.
Connector: MICRO D (MIL-DTL-83513)
Can up to 16 Acquisition modules
From 64GB to 2TB.


The NanoX acquisition system is an efficient data concentrator and recorder, with an ultra-compact design, and an ease of changing acquisition modules. The NanoX provide modularity and permit to plug/stack until sixteen data acquisition modules by unit. A unit is constituted by a CPU/Controller module with a optional recording capacity (from 64GB to 2TB) and a smart power supply module. The NanoX is a data acquisition concentrator completed with high speed (1Gbps) recording and transmitting system combined in the same device, with this device you can make all in one modular and compact solution where other solutions require two or three separate units.

Main Advantages
  • Lightweight and small footprint unit.

  • Fully Flexible Acquisition module/Chassis dimension.

  • High speed recording system (1Gbps).

  • High capacity (Can up to 2TB).

  • Real time data streaming in DTMUX / IRIG106 CHAPTER 10 / IENA Format.

  • Patented Xchange® Module Technology.

  • Record and Replay function available.

  • Transmitter (TX) module available.

  • Master/slave(s) Ethernet/Wi-fi Architecture.

  • Can be configured from one acquisition module to sixteen (16).

  • CPU (Controller) module is also available with recording SSD cartridge.

  • Each module integrate status led for easy problem identification.

  • Easy fixation on each side with 90° rotation support integrate.

  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10 compliant

Xchange Technology

Xchange® patented Technology, has been study and developed hand to hand with end users, to give the maximum of flexibility and growth capacity to a system. NanoX system is fully flexible that mean each acquisition module can be replaced by another one. System can be combined with different controllers modules and acquisition modules who can be easily removed from their module frame receiver.  Each module frame receiver are equipped with linear backplane connector who permit a connection with each other (until 16). That mean Main frame of your unit is totally flexible but you have also the flexibility to put/remove or change Acquisition module where you want.

A big advantage also is the maintenance cost; with this kind of system if something goes wrong you can identify and replace quickly the problematic part of system. 

In fact, NanoX system is assembly of different part who work together, and the assembly will make you think to a famous construction toy of your childhood.

NanoX Xchange Module
NanoX Module

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