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D.T.MUX Remote Control

Remote control is an accessory of D.T.MUX Recorder units who permit to display live status of the unit and to process to ON/OFF power, ON/OFF Record and event marking following your installation.

D.T.MUX Remote Control

Remote control can be fitted directly into cockpit DZUS installation following MIL-STD-MS25212 . This one owns a tri-colour LED, Power ON/OFF switch, Record ON/OFF switch (with Switch guard), one event buttons, and MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connector(s) on the rear to connect to the D.T.MUX Recorder System. NVIS (NVG MIL-STD-3009) is available in option with independent dimming input control from aircraft.

  • MIL-STD 38999 Connector to connect with the D.T.MUX recorder system.

  • Switch Power ON / OFF (With switch guard)

  • Switch Record ON / OFF (With switch guard)

  • Status led: Green /Orange / Red led: Alarm control.

  • DZUS Cockpit installation following MIL-STD-MS25212

  • NVIS backlighting (Optional)

Linked Modules

Data Bus/Video acquisition

Analog sensors conditioning

Main Modules


Titre 2

Titre 6



Assistance 24/​24, 7/​7


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D.T.MUX NanoS2

The NanoS2 acquisition and recoding system is one of the most efficient flight test recorder (Up to 2TB), with an ultra-compact design, and stackable acquisition modules. Connector: MICRO D (MIL-DTL-83513)
Can up to 12 Acquisition modules
From 64GB to 2TB

D.T.MUX NanoS2


Multi-role/Mission airborne data recorder Cover Digital/Analog Avionics Data Bus and Video/Voice needs. Quick access Recorder from 64GB to 2TB. In ARINC 404 or cockpit DZUS installation following MIL-STD-MS25212



NanoX, most advanced high speed (1Gbps) Acquisition/Recording/Replay/transmitting system for airborne application, in an ultra-compact and ultra-flexible design.
Connector: MICRO D (MIL-DTL-83513)
Can up to 16 Acquisition modules
From 64GB to 2TB.


D.T.MUX Nano

Airborne Multi-role data Recorder, lightweight with small footprint and integrated data acquisition and removable Solid State Disk from 64GB to 2TB. [Avionics Data bus,Analogs, voice & video inputs]

D.T.MUX Nano
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