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D.T.MUX Nano

Airborne Multi-role data Recorder, lightweight with small footprint and integrated data acquisition and removable Solid State Disk from 64GB to 2TB. [Avionics Data bus,Analogs, voice & video inputs]

D.T.MUX Nano

The D.T.MUX Nano Airborne Data Recorder, is a powerful miniature unit (Available in two form factor) with recoding capacity on Solid State Disk (SSD) from 64GB to 2TB, support Military Grade Encryption/Erasure and Physical Destruction. IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Compliant.


An ultra-compact and standalone airborne data logging unit, with a quick access removable media of solid state flash memory, who permit an easy data retrieval at the exploitation center. D.T.MUX Nano can be built to meet your customized configuration. This device is particularly adapted to mission use, like surveillance and reconnaissance activity

Ultra-compact recorder, with low weight of 1Kg (2.2lbs) it allows you to record a lot of parameters in a reduced volume. This unit is capable to record in same time Analog/Digital bus, Video/Audio data.


These parameters can be multi video channels, until Ultra HD 4K 60fps Resolution/ full HD 1080/720p/I or lower (MJPEG 2000/H.264/H.265 compression) and MIL-STD 1553, ARINC 429/717/573, PCM, CAN Bus, Gigabit Ethernet, RS 232/422 and Audio, Analogic channels with signal conditioning (Strain gauge, ICP, Thermocouple…)

Unit Advantage
  • Lightweight cockpit mission recorder and data acquisition unit

  • Flexible inputs architecture (Avionics Data Bus, Analog, Audio, Video... )

  • Quick access recorder (QAR) with removable solid state storage

  • Download data/Configure via Ethernet

  • Until Ultra HD 4K Images/video recording capacity

  • DTMUX Format or IRIG-106 chapter 10 compliant

  • Mission downloading

  • Combat vehicle & Helicopter, aircraft pilot training and mission debriefing

  • Reconnaissance and surveillance (aircraft, Helicopter and UAV)

  • Damage assessment of aircraft, helicopter and UAV

Custom Developments: Thanks to our full control over manufacturing process, our team will assist you on your special requirements.

Linked Modules

Data Bus/Video acquisition

Analog sensors conditioning

Main Modules


Titre 2

Titre 6



Assistance 24/​24, 7/​7


Linked Products

D.T.MUX Advanced Remote Control

Advanced Remote control is an accessory of D.T.MUX Recorder units who permit to display live status and have a full control on the system.

D.T.MUX Advanced Remote Control

D.T.MUX NetSwitch

From 8 to 24 Ports. Gigabit Ethernet Rugged Airborne managed Switch with support of IEEE 1588v1 & 2 PTP or PTP Grandmaster (GPS & IRIG-B) in option for hardware time stamping for precise time synchronization. 8x Ports PoE+ Option

D.T.MUX NetSwitch

D.T.MUX VSplit

Video Splitter suitable for avionics and defense applications, splitter eases video distribution for airborne and ground-based applications. Splitter has been designed to connect 4x 3G HD-SDI inputs video signal to display one or multiple of them on a full screen.

D.T.MUX VSplit

D.T.MUX Remote Control

Remote control is an accessory of D.T.MUX Recorder units who permit to display live status of the unit and to process to ON/OFF power, ON/OFF Record and event marking following your installation.

D.T.MUX Remote Control
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