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D.T.MUX Nano

Airborne Multi-role data Recorder, lightweight with small footprint and integrated data acquisition and removable Solid State Disk from 64GB to 2TB. [Avionics Data bus,Analogs, voice & video inputs]

D.T.MUX Nano


Nano is a standalone airborne data logging unit, with a quick access  removable media of solid state flash memory (64GB  to 2TB) who permit an  easy data retrieval at the exploitation center. This unit have also the  possibility to transmit parameters in real time, with optional PCM Irig  106 transmitting. Nano is built to meet your tailored configuration and perfectly follow  your specifications. This product is particularly adapted to mission  use, like surveillance and reconnaissance activity.

This recorder is powerful and  the smallest, with a  weight  about 1 Kg  (2.2 Lbs) it permits you to record  a lots of parameters in a reduced  volume. This unit is capaple to record in same time Analog/Digital, Video and  Audio data.

This paramters can be video channels  in full HD 1080p/i or 720p/i (JPEG  2000 Wavelet or H.264 compression) and MIL-STD 1553, , ARINC 429, CAN  busses, PCM, ETHERNET, RS 232 and 422 and Analogic channels, with  signal conditionning.

Designed for adding digital video, audio and data recording  functionality in new and legacy airborne platforms. Easy plug-in  integration in cockpit side panel or anywhere in the aircraft.

Dzus cockpit installation

Unit Advantage

  • Lightweight cockpit mission recorder and data acquisition unit

  • Flexible design to follow aircraft-specific configuration (MIL-STD 1553, Video, high capacity ...  )

  • Quick access recorder (QAR) with removable solid state storage

  • Download data via Ethernet

  • HD 1080p Images/video recording capacity

  • IRIG-106 chapter 10 compliant

  • PCM Irig 106 transmitting [Option]

  • Cockpit Full HD Camera and Area microphone can be supplied by etep

  • Can be supplied with Sentinel CPM module (Crash protected memory).


  • Mission downloading

  • Combat vehicle & Helicopter, aircraft pilot training and mission debriefing

  • Reconnaissance and surveillance (aircraft, Helicopter and UAV)

  • Damage assessment of aircraft, helicopter and UAV

Custom Developments: Thanks to our full control over manufacturing process, our team will assist you on your special requirements.

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