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D.T.MUX Sentinel ED-112

Integrated Flight Data Recorder System for ED-112A standard crash protection Requirement. Data audio and image or video in a single lightweight recorder.

D.T.MUX Sentinel ED-112

The Sentinel ED-112 is Lightweight and compact full integrated flight  Data Recorder and data acquisition unit (DAU), providing combination of  cockpit voice (CVR), flight data recording (FDR),  an airborne image  recorder (AIR) and a data link recorder (DLR) in a fully integrated  solution. This system is providing for military aviation and flight test  installation (helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts) who search a  powerful system with a minimum cost, minimum weight and minimum size.

Today, the Sentinel unit, is the most advanced design for all type of  data collection (Data,Audio,Image) with an increase recording capacity,  and the smallest Flight data recorder, who cover Crash survival  exigence of "ED-112A Standard" from EUROCAE.

The D.T.MUX Sentinel Crash protected Airborne Data Recorder, is fully integrated solution in a lightweight compact system (FDR/CVR/AIR) providing crash-protected recording of flight data, audio, and image/video (Full HD 1080p or Ultra HD 4K until 60 fps ) on lightweight helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts. More than a simple recorder the unit can replace a Data Acquisition system with the advantage of crash protection. He has been designed to capture any type of data source, by serial bus or by internal Sensor to complete missing data. It can be used with all functions or just a one. This unit can cover “Crash requirements” of the ED-112A standard and can be easily integrated to any type of aircraft.

Lightweight and compact full integrated flight Data Recorder and data acquisition unit (DAU) who can provide combination of cockpit voice (CVR), flight data recording (FDR), an airborne image/video recorder (AIR) in a fully integrated solution. This system is providing for General, military aviation or flight test equipment (helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts) who search a powerful system with the minimum cost, small footprint and weight.

  • Flight Testing Purpose

  • Military Aircrafts (Fixed-wing, Rotary-wing and UAV/UCAV)

  • Lightweight / Large Aircrafts

Linked Modules

Data Bus/Video acquisition

Analog sensors conditioning

Main Modules


Titre 2

Titre 6



Assistance 24/​24, 7/​7


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Sentinel Remote Control

Remote control is an accessory of Sentinel unit who permit to display live status of the unit and to process to erase functionality and event marking following your installation.

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