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Ultra HD Video IP Camera/Microphone

Fully integrated Airborne video camera Ultra HD (4K) with Area Microphone. Include GPS Input with data overlay. Include removable SD-Card for native Video/Audio recording. PoE (Power Over Ethernet) integrated

Ultra HD Video IP Camera/Microphone

Fully integrated Video/ Audio Microphone solution in a compact size.

A perfect solution for video/image cockpit needs, while offering in the same box, an area microphone, and Full HD or Ultra HD 4K video camera resolution. Cockpit camera boasts approximately 2 or 8.51 Megapixels for exceptional full HD or Ultra HD picture quality. This device covers the new needs for image/Video recording systems class B and C with Sentinel product line.

The high-performance 1/2.5-type Exmor R CMOS image sensor achieves superb 4K (QFHD) picture quality. Using the latest Sony sensor technology, the UHDCCAM-MIC can produce high quality images even in a wide variety of lighting conditions.


Get a steadier picture with image stabilizerThe camera’s built-in image stabilizer function counters the effects of blurred, shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration. It’s useful for rotary wing and propeller aircraft cockpit surveillance applications where the camera may be subject to high vibration.

Advanced 2D/3D Noise Reduction Advanced noise reduction technology filters noise from the image for clearer results, especially in low light conditions. Noise reduction can be selected from six steps to suit a wide range of operating environments.

Auto ICR (Auto IR-cut Filter Removal) In low light conditions the camera automatically switches from day to night mode, removing the IR-cut filter to boost sensitivity for clear pictures in near-darkness.

Ultra HD 4K/Full HD Ethernet Camera features

·       All in one video and audio Microphone solution

·       Until 4K Ultra HD 2160p (3840 x 2160px) picture quality

·       From 1 to 60fps

·       Perfect for ED-112/155 AIRS CLASS A, B, C, D and E needs about image data recording

·       Compact size and lightweight all in one solution ~ 750gr

·       Integrated H.264/H.265 Compression from 1Mbps to 30Mbps (Ethernet version)

·       Integrated 64GB (Or upper) Removable SD-Card for quick access to video Audio Data.

·       GPS Input with time and position video overlay (Time/position).

·       PoE wiring available (Power over Ethernet).

·       Ultra-capacitor included to sustain 2000ms of power cut.

·       Rugged for airborne use (Qualified DO-160 cockpit condition)

·       Integrated Zoom x20 for easy installation

·       Include Image Stabilizer

·       High Sensitivity mode – 0.4 lux (Minimum illumination)

·       Angle of view: 70.2° (wide end) to 4.1° (tele end)

·       Spherical Privacy Zone Masking (24 Zones)

·       Noise Reduction, Defog, Visibility enhancer, Colour enhancement, Gamma level

·       Lens integrated (No additional lens required)

·       Mounting by Universal 1/4-20 UNC screw.

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